How Document Sets Improved Our Sales Support Process

6We’ve been working with documents sets for a couple of years now.  Document sets are a great way to group the different types of documents that we create to combine into one Statement of Work that is delivered to our clients.  It is also a great place to store any and all of the emails and documents that the client may give to us to refer to as we put together our SOW.

As more people create the SOW, we recognized the need to  have set standards in place so that everyone is producing the same type of documents.  Years ago we had some templates with properties, but got away from using them.  We realized it was time to return to basics plus add a little new technology.

Our Simple Solution:

When we start the process of creating a SOW, we go to a shared document library and select the SOW Artifacts, fill in some properties and get something similar to the image below.  We have only entered information once and it is the corresponding documents.


Lessons Learned:

  1. ShareGate’s article provided a great place to learn enough to create my own solution.
  2. Office 2016 does not support the Document Information Panel.  You need to go to File -> Show All Properties.
  3. If you have a template docx on the content type, and the content type is part of the document set, you still need a template doc in the document set for the document set to create the default.
  4. Make sure you use docx.  Word Template types do NOT work.
  5. Make sure to Check For Issues and remove all hidden fields and versions if your template document is not created from scratch.
  6. SharePoint Online as of 5/24/2016, when I made a change to the Content Type, made sure the Update all content types inheriting from this type? Is left at the default of Yes, the Document Set was NOT updated.

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