CodeMash 2016 Day 3:  No rest from REST and JavaScript overload!

Duane OdumToday was all about REST (Representational State Transfer of course) and JavaScript.  My first three sessions were REST oriented and the last three were on Riot, Flux Architecture and React.  It was a bit of a homecoming for me compared to my first couple of days here playing around with unfamiliar languages.  I spend a lot of time utilizing the SharePoint REST API, so this was pretty friendly territory. But today really made me think about where things are going with REST in general along with web development as a whole.

The idea of an API economy is becoming more widely accepted and the trend of software as a service is bigger than ever.  As we all know, technology (for the most part) tends to evolve pretty quickly, but it seems like software as a service is really going to be the way of the world moving forward.  As a SharePoint developer, I saw the writing on the wall with Office 365/SharePoint Online, but this was further enforced when Andrew Connell published his article Developers: SharePoint isn’t a Platform, SharePoint is a Service. Granted I live in a pretty small corner of the technological universe, but with mobile and cloud becoming more prevalent this software as a service concept is not going to go away anytime soon.

The rest of my day was spent in some pretty good sessions on Riot, Flux Architecture and React.  Riot definitely seems to be a pretty nifty micro-library that a developer familiar with JavaScript could pick up in a pretty short time frame.  React is of course backed by Facebook, so everyone is at least interested in it. But having Cory House “preach” the React gospel certainly doesn’t hurt.  I went up to my room and started tinkering with it immediately. If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a session given by Cory, I highly recommend that you run to the next conference he is speaking at and just give them your money.  It is rare that you find a technically knowledgeable speaker who comes off as affable and accessible in the way that he does.

Overall day 3 at CodeMash 2016 was a very long, but good day.  The conference “high” is starting to fade a bit and I am sure I am going to only do a handful of sessions on day 4. But even if I don’t attend a single session on day 4, CodeMash has once again been a great experience.

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