Codemash 2016 – 7 Languages in 7 Hours

Rick HerrmannDay 1 of CodeMash 2016 I attended the full day workshop presented by Amber Conville (@crebma) called 7 Languages in 7 Hours.  The languages used were Ruby, Rust, Go, Elixir, Clojure, Haskell, and Scala.  I am familiar with Ruby but the other 6 were completely new to me.

To get a feel for solving a non-trivial problem with the languages we completed the Prime Factors Kata with each one.  Although you can’t go too deep into a language in 1 hour, I was able to get a sense of the syntax and make some initial observations.

  1. Clojure looks like a hot-mess of parentheses.  I’m not sure what type of problem it is best suited to solve, but it would have to be pretty compelling for me to use it.
  2. Haskell was fairly easy to use, but the indentation rules caused some headaches at first.
  3. The Rust syntax was reasonably understandable and we learned that the the language is “safe and fast”.  I found it a bit confusing that semi-colons are required at the end of some statements, but not at the end of some others.
  4. Maybe it was the curly braces, but Scala felt familiar to the C# part of me.  The Scala tests looked just like RSpec from the Ruby world (which I like), although they were slow to run.
  5. Elixir is built on Erlang so it is fast.  I also thought it looked a lot like Ruby.  It had three features which made the Prime Number Kata particularly easy to solve: default parameters, recursion, and pattern matching.  The tests were also very fast to run.
  6. I had some issues getting my machine setup to execute the Go code so I spent the least amount of time with it.
  7. I have worked with Ruby for several years so I was able to solve the Kata much more efficiently than with the other languages.  Although, I am certainly no expert at it, I like Ruby.

It would be interesting to solve a more complex business problem with these languages to really see what they are best suited for.

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