A Tutorial in Meteor

8As I have been learning Meteor, I have found some great resources for the initial set up.

This is the official meteor tutorial– it’ll get you started with how to use Meteor. However there are a few things missing.

Unfortunately, this tutorial does not show you how to pass a parameter through a helper, which is incredibly important. The tutorial does not show you how, so I will!

Let’s say you have a helper named parseDate and a field called DateStamp – you can pass the field through by using:

{{parseDate DateStamp}}

It’s extremely simple, but incredibly important.

Another piece that you will notice missing from the tutorial is routing. This is because Meteor does not have built-in routing. You will need to add the iron router to the project and use that. The iron router is the de-facto router for Meteor.

A great place to check out these ideas is the localmarket example app. In order to install it, use the command:

 meteor create —-example localmarket

Using this app really helped me in learning Meteor and I hope it helps you too!


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