Meteor App for CodeMash Staff

Scott ZischerkWe are currently working on an application in meteor.js for CodeMash. The purpose of this application is to provide all members of the CodeMash crew (including staff, volunteers, admin, speakers, etc.) a way to stay in communication about CodeMash related information. The application will automatically create a list of the 40 users, give them a default password, and (after initial login) allow the user to change their information. The application will also include a messenger/chat feature to allow users to interact with each other.

As of last week, we created a user interface mockup. We have a functional login method, and a functional top navigation bar. We also have a page where admins can edit users. Today, we set up data retrieval for the “Schedule Admin” page. We tested to see what would show up if a user didn’t have permissions. During this test, we found out that the admin permissions were being cached. We will be fixing this in the next phase. We will also refine some of our requirements for the next steps.  


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