SharePoint 2013 RTM Managed Navigation Custom Sort Quandary

Duane OdumRecently I was tasked with creating a Responsive SharePoint 2013 site for a client using Managed Navigation.  Being that I had already used Responsive SharePoint in the past with some heavy “tweaking” (probably not the right word here as I basically just hacked it to pieces, but I digress) I knew that this would be a walk in the park.

I put up a new web application on one of our SharePoint 2013 Enterprise development servers and laid out a basic site architecture. Then I started to tweak the master page, CSS and JavaScript until I had everything looking and acting the way the client wanted.  All that was left was to setup the Managed Navigation… Easy enough, except when I applied the Managed Navigation I found that the “selected” class was not being applied properly to Top and Left Navigation.

I assumed I screwed something up with one of my new CSS and/or JavaScript files, so I started to debug. Oddly enough, I found I didn’t do anything wrong.  Just to be sure, I had another developer in our office double check and, lo and behold it was not just me making a silly mistake.  So, I pulled back everything from master page, CSS and JavaScript, and reverted back to Seattle master.
It was at this point that I noticed my Custom Sort on the Managed Navigation had taken effect, but the “selected” class was still sitting on the first navigation element alphabetically.  So I changed things around, added a new Navigation term set, and got the same issue every time. I then headed over to one of our SharePoint 2013 Environments where we have SP1 installed and it worked as expected the first time. I applied SP1 to our development server and voila…everything is working as expected!
Moral of the story, no matter how many times you have done something, always ensure you follow the logical steps of the process, otherwise you might spend 2 hours chasing your tail when you don’t even have a tail to be chasing.

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