Google Play’s New Global Content Rating System

misc4_bgEarlier this week, Google added a couple updates to the Google Play store in an effort to create a better user experience – a content rating system, and a better app review process. These updates have been long-awaited, and add a great deal of value to the Android brand.

I’m most interested in the content rating system, which allows developers to label their apps with ratings that tell consumers whether it is age-appropriate for them. For example, an excessively violent game may be labeled with an 18+ warning so that parents know it might not be a good idea to allow their children to play. In order to get an objective rating for apps, Google has released a questionnaire that developers can fill out. Those responses will provide developers with an objective rating for different parts of the world, as appropriateness standards obviously vary from culture to culture.

You can read Google’s official release here:

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