Outlook Comes to iOS & Android

JohnThe Nadella era of Microsoft continues to be a more realistic and inclusive one than that of Ballmer, as a version of their popular Outlook program becomes available on both iOS and Android devices.

As Android and Apple devices continue to grow in popularity, Satya Nadella’s approach is proving to be a much more flexible than that of Steve Ballmer, who was reluctant to release an iOS version of Office despite the growing need.

While there may be something to be said about Ballmer’s reluctance to support products on a system that directly cuts into his own sales (I mean, it worked in Taylor Swifts favor when she removed her content from Spotify), it says even more about an outdated way of thinking.

As mobile accessibility continues to be a necessity in everyday life, it will only hurt companies that insist on being loyal only to their own devices. People on Android and Apple devices have made their voices heard, and it just makes practical sense for Microsoft to respond in kind.

Nadella understands that people who have iPhones simply aren’t going to switch over to a Windows Phone just to access products like Office, Outlook and OneNote. The demand for these top-of-the-line products across all devices is there, and Microsoft will remain ahead of the pack as long as they continue to put the desires of the consumer over their desire to sell more hardware.


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