​CodeMash Pre-Compiler Recap pt. 1

Duane OdumOver the past two days I have had the pleasure of attending some excellent workshops at CodeMash.  While I can honestly say only two of the workshops were beneficial from an immediate knowledge gain perspective, I think that I will get more long term value out of the others that I attended.

Day 1:

JavaScript Everywhere presented by Jeff Fritz

This is one that I wasn’t really sure about going to as I am already very familiar with JavaScript and many of the frameworks and libraries out there but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself and even got a few “tips/tricks” on working with AngularJS that related back to creating Apps in SharePoint.  That is a huge win in my book as SharePoint is typically looked at as a 10 letter 4 letter word at CodeMash (among other places) and I think that I was able to apply something that I learned at CodeMash immediately in the context of developing an App for SharePoint is a massive leap in the right direction for not only myself but Microsoft.

Get Shipping with Docker presented by Don Taylor and David Lucas

All I have to say on this is if you don’t know about it (I didn’t until the session) you should.  Check out the Docker site for a good overview but what a slick idea…imagine a world where Development, Testing, QA, Staging and Production were all setup the same way AND everyone involved in code deployment had a standard way of doing things.  What a world it would be indeed.

While I was sitting in the session I was thinking to myself “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  As a bit of an IT “mutt” (IT Pro/Developer…admittedly stronger on the IT Pro side) this is something that makes me extremely happy to see.  With the push to the cloud and the internet of things becoming more real every day in IT this is an idea that really has some serious potential.  If I were a venture capitalist I would open up my check book and ask Solomon Hykes how much money he wanted.

Check in tomorrow for my recaps for Day 2 of the CodeMash Pre-Compiler sessions.

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