Angular.js 2.0 Reactions

Mike BerrymanHave you heard the news? Angular 2.0 is on it’s way, and it’s really shaking things up. Not only is 2.0 going to be a complete departure from Angular 1.3, they’re discontinuing 1.3 within 24 months of the 2.0 release, and there will be no upgrade path from 1.3 to 2.0. The community is having some very strong reactions – from absolute condemnation to praise for such a  bold move. I’ve included some of my favorite reactions below:

Danny Tuppeny (@DanTup) provides a great rundown of the announcement, and a great summarization of the frustrations being felt throughout the community: Have the Angular Team Lost Their Marbles?

Leo Garcia Crespo (@leogcrespo) wrote up a pretty scathing post about even using Angular in the first place. I particularly enjoyed the comments below the post that are defending Angular. Definitely a good read: Think Twice (or Thrice) Before Using Angular

Jeff Whepley’s (@jeffwhelpley) blog amused me because he addresses Angular from both a positive and negative viewpoint, though overall he seems relatively pro-Angular – sarcastic post title and all! Check it out: “Screw You Angular”

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