TechSmith Recording Programs – Which is Best for Screen Recording?

JohnThis post was written by IBS Developer Rick Berryman

I wanted to create a tutorial for an online software program, but I wasn’t sure what screen recording software package to use. I tested out three TechSmith screen recording products to see which would work best for me. Here are the results:

I downloaded the free tutorial of this package from TechSmith’s web site and used it to create a quick demo. It was easy to create a quick screen capture with audio, but the Camtasia Studio was pretty cumbersome to use, and I could not accomplish my end goal of creating an end user video after 45 minutes of experimentation. Another drawback was I could not see how to save my video in any other format (AVI or MP4) except for the Camtasia format. The cost of a one user license is $300.
I downloaded the Jing package and it was not very easy to use. I started running it, and I found it not user friendly. When the user starts the program, the process of recording is easy enough to do, but you must use Camtasia Studio to do all of the editing and saving. Again, it was too cumbersome to use. Also I could not figure out once I created my video, how to view it outside of Camtasia Studio. I’m not sure you can. This software package is free.

We already had a copy of Snagit in house, so I decided to load that onto my system and try it. It was very user friendly and straight forward to use (didn’t have to read the manual). I created a demo file that was easy to view, save, and replay. The cost of this package is $50 for unlimited installs ($42.95 for non-profit companies). SnagIt was able to do everything I needed to do to create a video.

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