What CodeMash 2014 means to me…

Duane OdumI arrived in Sandusky for my third trip to CodeMash at roughly 11:30 pm on January 6th only to exit my car and realize that the temperature really was -13 degrees.  I really don’t want to know what the wind chill was as I imagine it was far colder than my “southern bones” can handle.  My trip from Cincinnati would normally have taken around 4 hours and this one took roughly 6 due to the road conditions. After watching the end of BCS title game (great ending to the game by the way) I went up to my room only to find out that the heater was not turned on and it was probably around 35 degrees in the room, a regular heat wave comparatively speaking to the outside temperature but not exactly a comfy sleeping environment. NOTE:  I do not stay at Kalahari when I attend.  After a long and hot (probably too hot) shower I cracked open my laptop to finish off my work for the day to start fresh in the morning with CodeMash.  I finally made it to bed around 2:30 am and got some sleep.

The introductory paragraph might make one think that I am not enjoying my experience and that person would be mistaken.  I awoke this morning with the same giddiness that I felt when I was opening presents on Christmas morning as a 7 year old.  There is something about conferences, CodeMash in particular, that rejuvenates my passion for IT.  I think that all IT professionals have a desire to improve their skills and conferences like this allow us the opportunity to really broaden our horizons or nail down a specific technology.  Long ago I realized that to become a better developer I would need to be comfortable with the idea of having “partial knowledge” in many areas but that doesn’t meant that I am going to stop trying to have “full knowledge” in a few!

I will be posting breakdowns of each of the sessions I attend while at CodeMash 2014 throughout the next week, so feel free to stop the IBS blog and check out my thoughts on each session and hopefully I can pass something that I learned along to you.

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