Error Creating Web Application in SharePoint 2013

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I recently ran into an issue when creating a new web application on one of our SharePoint 2013 development servers.  Everything appeared to be going correctly until the dialog box displayed “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”.  I did a little bit of playing around in Central Administration and noticed that the content database was indeed created.  I then looked in IIS and the Application Pool and Site were both created as well.  However, when I looked in the Virtual Directory I noticed there was nothing in the folder for my newly created port.

After some tinkering and searching I discovered that this issue was due to a time out in IIS (I originally expected it to be an issue with memory but we “beefed up” our SharePoint development servers for 2013 pretty significantly and that was not the issue in this case).

I took the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Open IIS Manager and select Application Pools
  2. On the right hand side of the window click Select Application Pool Defaults…
  3. Change the following 3 Process Model time settings
    1. Ping Maximum Response Time
    2. Shutdown Time Limit
    3. Startup Time Limit
      1. I changed all of these from 90 to 400

Once you have created your web application I would suggest you change the time outs back to the default value of 90 but it is completely up to you…


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