Configure Windows Live Writer 2012 to work with SharePoint 2010

2_bgI use Windows Live Writer( for no other reason than it is simple and works) to create blog posts.  I am running Windows 8 and downloaded Live Writer 2012. I then began the seemingly simple steps to configure it to publish directly to SharePoint. First, I started Live Writer and followed the steps in the wizard and received an error stating: “Problem with blog server – server error 2041 occurred. Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.” Here are the steps to reproduce the error.

Steps to reproduce error:


Selected “SharePoint” option click “Next” then


Entered blog URL for SharePoint click “Next”


I got the error above with no screen to enter credentials. Luckily, one of my co-workers Scott Zischerk, has a lot of arrow’s in his quiver and he walked me through the relatively easy process to add  a “Windows Credential” for the blog URL.  Below are the steps to follow:

How to fix this error:

  1. In Windows 8 open Control Panel and click “User Accounts and Family Security”.  Then click “Mange Windows Credentials” as shown below.


2.  Click “Add a Windows credential”


3.  Complete all fields in the form below with your values then click “OK”.


4.  The new credential has been added as seen below:


5.  Go back to the Live Writer dialog and re-enter SharePoint URL then click “Next”.


6.  If all goes well you should see the screen below “Setting up your blog account”.


When the process completes – takes a few minutes.  You should now see that the blog has been setup. Give it a nick name and click “Finish”.


You now have the ability to author and publish blog posts directly from Live Writer 2012 to SharePoint like I’m doing right now.

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