Help! I’ve enabled anonymous access to my SharePoint 2010 Site, but it’s still prompting me to log in!

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There are a couple of steps to enabling anonymous access on a SharePoint 2010 site.  Here are some steps I take to ensure I have everything set up correctly.

Enable Anonymous Access in the Web Application

  1. Open the SharePoint Central Administration Web site application.
  2. On the Central Administration home page, click Application Management.
  3. On the Application Management page, click Manage web applications.
  4. On the Manage web applications page, click on the web application you want to make anonymous.
  5. With the Web Application still selected go back up to the ribbon and click on Authentication Providers.
  6. On the Authentication Providers page, click the zone of the Web application on which you want to enable anonymous access.
  7. On the Edit Authentication page, check the Enable anonymous access checkbox and click the save button.

Enable Anonymous Access in the Site Collection

  1. Open and log in as a site collection admin on the site that you want to enable Anonymous access.
  2. Click on Site Actions and then Site Permissions.
  3. On the ribbon click on Anonymous Access.
  4. You have two choices for Anonymous Access:
    1. Entire Web Site – If you select Entire Web site, anonymous users will be able to view all pages in your Web site and view all lists and items which inherit permissions from the Web site.
    2. Lists and Libraries – If you select Lists and libraries, anonymous users will be able to view and change items only for those lists and libraries that have enabled permissions for anonymous users.
  5. If you select Entire Web Site, click OK and you’re done.
  6. If you select Lists and Libraries you must go to the settings for the list or library you want to make anonymous and assign permissions.

If you are still getting login prompts after following the previous steps

Make sure you have checked in the master page and any publishing pages you are trying to access.

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