Keep Austin Wired

JohnGoogle just announced that Austin, Texas will be the second city to get connected with Google Fiber, the company’s high-speed broadband Internet/TV service. There has been loads of speculation and excitement surrounding Fiber ever since it was announced in 2011. Only residents of Kansas City (both in Kansas and Missouri) have had the privilege of dropping their former Internet/TV providers for Google’s service that brags faster speeds than other commercial providers at a competitive price. The entire project has only cost $94 million to build the infrastructure and connect homes, and analysts predict that implementing Fiber in Austin will cost a similar amount, if not less.

This is truly an exciting push from Google, an ever-expanding force in the tech sphere and there seems to be no endpoint. Not only do they provide free/cheap products (for the most part), but they are oftentimes significantly better than similar offerings from more expensive competitors. I’m an iPhone owner myself (and I can’t seem to write a blog without mentioning it), but I know many people who have switched from Apple to Android mobile devices, and swear they’ll never go back.

Here’s to the expansion of Google Fiber, and I’m crossing my irrationally hopeful fingers that city #3 will be Cincinnati.

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