Social Media That Will “Pump You Up”

John“You don’t get to a million users without burning a few calories” – I’m copywriting that tagline before the Social Network equivalent of the incredibly popular Fitocracy begins pre-production.

On Tuesday, the social media giant announced that it has reached 1 million users, which is a huge goal to meet, especially less than two years out of beta.

Fitocracy is a social social media site where the primary focus is personal fitness. It takes common themes from Role Playing Games like gaining experience points and leveling up and incorporates them into your fitness goals. People post challenges that are worth a set amount of points – run a mile in less than 8 minutes, for example. Complete the challenge to earn the points and level up. Fail to complete the challenge and wallow in abject failure in front of your peers. Well, maybe not, but the app will keep you motivated to complete the challenges each day. It’s essentially turned working out into a video game for active users.

I haven’t had a ton of hands-on experience with Fitocracy yet, but I just downloaded the iOS app and I’ll be taking it with me the next time I’m at the gym. The most intuitive thing about Fitocracy as a social media concept is how it is encouraging people to get off the couch instead of keeping them in front of their screens. It’s easy to sit on Facebook all day without doing anything. Fitocracy literally requires users to stay physically active in order to maintain their presence on the site.

Plus, Arnold Schwartzenegger just endorsed it and posted a challenge of his own just yesterday. This one is for beginners, but I assume later on he’ll be posting challenges that require saving John Connor.


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