Lessons Learned: “A Weekend of Chaos”

Duane OdumAs I sat in my living room reflecting on the past three days instead of my latest blog post topic I came to the realization that the last three days could easily be a relatable topic for almost anyone.  In the past three days I have loaded and unloaded a 26 foot moving truck, picked up a new puppy that has not stopped barking since we brought him home, unpacked half of our belongings, flown from Cincinnati, Ohio to San Antonio, Texas with my wife for a “weekend getaway” and flown back to Cincinnati.  In all of the chaos that surrounded the weekend I learned a few things about myself along the way.  We always like to do takeaways and action items when we have meetings at work so I will present mine from the last few days.

I am simply not as young as I once was and I seriously need to get back into the gym.  I might be considered a bit of  a “nomad” as I have moved 13 times in 11 years and I always do everything myself so moving is not anything new.  This is the first time that I really felt the effects of the move.  Although I had a great time with my wife this weekend I am completely and utterly exhausted.  There were times when I was in the service that I was put in situations that required me to be awake for more than 48 hours and physically active for the entire period, this feels worse.

Sometimes I just need to slow down.  I was in a rush to get things done so we could catch our flight to San Antonio and I severely underestimated the weight of the stove/microwave combo I had to pull out of the new house’s kitchen.  In my haste I just rocked the appliance out of place and 1000 pounds of 60’s era appliance crashed on top me.  I am not sure whether it was just instinct or ignorance that caused me to catch it but I did and ultimately prevented the possible catastrophe of the stove falling through kitchen floor (thinking about it rationally I do realize that the stove had almost 0 chance of actually going through the floor), however I immediately realized that my back was not in good shape and I was about to get on a plane for 2 and a half hours.  I spent the entire flight in agony and most of the weekend hobbling along the River Walk.

I have spent the past 5 years of my life with my nose in a book or in front of a computer to learn as much as I possibly can about software development, information technology, and business as a whole.  I do not see that as a bad thing but I need find a balance.  Balance does not necessarily mean doing less work but asking for assistance when necessary and working more efficiently.  I am starting to realize that I am not able to do everything I used to and sometimes asking for help is the only way to get things done. Doing this moving forward should allow me enough to time to get back into the gym so the next time I drop a 1000 pound microwave/stove combination I will be able to catch it without throwing out my back :)

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