Office Apps for iOS? Dream On

JohnMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer has officially quashed all speculation about an iOS version of Microsoft Office. Some believed that Microsoft had been working on iOS app versions of their popular Office programs, and that they would even be released in the first quarter of 2013.

Ballmer says that app versions of Office programs are “unnecessary” since web app versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be accessed on their browsers via Office On Demand. While this may be the case, many complain of the stripped-down nature of these web apps. Furthermore, Office On Demand is only available to those with Microsoft’s new Office 365, a subscription-based version of Microsoft Office with a price tag of $100/year. While Office 365 has many features aside from Office On Demand, for someone just looking to get Word on their iPad, that’s a steep price.

It is undeniable that the future is moving in the direction of an immersive and functional mobile experience. Microsoft may find they are making a serious misstep by settling with stripped-down web apps for iOS users instead of releasing actual, fully functional iOS apps.
While it’s understandable that this may be an attempt to attract more people to Windows 8 and Surface tablets, this is simply punishing people who already own an iOS device. I’m an iPad owner myself, and I would love to use Word. But I have no interest in purchasing either Office 365 or a new tablet that runs Windows 8.
Microsoft is hurting both themselves and a large percentage of consumers by not offering fully functional Office apps to iOS users.

One comment

  • I agree 100%. I worked from home the other day using my Laptop to Skype while reading and reviewing word documents and excel sheets from my IPAD that were necessary for the meetings. It worked great. I did not try to create any documents from my IPAD, but I’m pretty sure I would not do that in most cases. In my opinion, the web versions worked just fine.


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