Is a Technical Lead like a Super Bowl Quarterback?

Karen AdkinsAs I pondered my next blog post (New Year’s resolution Is to make sure we are posting on a regular basis), I received the email below from Mike Mansbach, Citrix Online.  The same questions apply to the Tech Lead on a Software Development Team.  Who performs better under pressure?   What  different types of teamwork styles makes the team successful?  If your tech team role is more equivalent to Line Men, does the style of quarterbacking from the tech lead affect your performance?


Super Bowl XLVII is coming at us faster than Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis can sack a quarterback, and everyone is asking the big question.

No, not who’s going to win and take home a very flashy ring, nor who’s going to have the coolest commercial.

The question is… who executes better under pressure: an IT pro or a Super Bowl quarterback?

To find out the answer, grab some nachos and enjoy this short read. You’ll discover:

  • IT pro vs. QB – who executes better under pressure
  • Why security conscious IT experts prefer Flacco
  • Who can better read the field and execute accordingly

Citrix Online | 7414 Hollister Avenue

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