The Revolution will be Televised (and Live Streamed)

JohnGoogle is making huge strides toward taking the internet to the next level. Yesterday the company launched Google Fiber – a super-fast 1Gb-per-second internet and TV service. For the time being, only a lucky few people in Kansas City get a chance to become among the first to utilize this new service. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Google Fiber remains a dream.

Google Fiber brags some seriously impressive specs and three different plans – one of which is free. The free version only allows 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds. There is no subscription for the free plan, but there is a $300 construction and installation fee. The second plan, which costs $70/month, is also only an internet service, but allows the full 1Gbps speeds, plus the $300 construction and installation fee is waived when you sign a contract. The full plan runs for $120/month and includes both internet and TV services.

Internet and television providers across the US are shaking in their boots. Not only is Google offering internet speeds that are 100 times faster than the average broadband connection in the US, they are offering them at prices that undercut any existing providers. Compare Google’s TV and Internet package with the premium TV and Internet packages offered by leading cable providers:

Download speeds
Google Fiber
$119.99 (for 12 months)
Time Warner
$199.99 (for 12 months)

Before this begins to sound too much like I’m being paid by Google to hype their new product (email me with your offers, Google!), I will say that they’ve got a long way to go. This is a huge undertaking. There is certain to be a few hiccups along the way, and I doubt other providers will be too worried until Google Fiber is offered in more than just a few neighborhoods of Kansas City.

Google doesn’t make a whole lot of big mistakes, though. And when they do, they’re great at fixing them. This is the natural progression of the Google revolution. They began with the search engine and quickly became THE search engine. Then they released Google Chrome, which overtook Internet Explorer earlier this year and is now THE browser. The next obvious step in making the internet synonymous with Google is for them to become THE provider. And in the next few years, something tells me that they will.

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