Microsoft Surface – A Step In The Right Direction

JohnNerdia is abuzz this week about the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface, Microsoft’s entry into the mobile tablet gauntlet. With the Surface, Microsoft aims to compete head-on with Apple’s wildly popular iPad. Not only is the Surface a response to the iPad, Microsoft is using it as a medium to hype the soon-to-be-released Windows 8 OS.

The Surface brags several features that the iPad does not currently offer. I am an iPad owner myself, and while I enjoy it’s features, it hardly replaces the necessity for a fully functioning personal computer. If anything, it is a mere addition.

The Surface, however, aims to replace your PC. Unlike the iPad, the Surface includes full size USB 2.0 ports and an SD port for expanded storage space. It also offers a built-in kickstand, and a 3mm thick face cover that features a full keyboard.

The fact that the device runs Windows 8 will allow you to use your Surface for anything you would use your PC for. For me, this is the biggest selling point. As I said, I love my iPad, but it’s functionality is incredibly limited beyond playing games, watching movies on Netflix and browsing the internet. The fact that the Surface could technically replace the need for a personal computer instead of acting as a mere addition is what will set it apart from all other tablets on the market.

Even with the hiccups any new device will inevitably see during its infancy stages, I think the mere announcement of a tablet that can actually function as a PC is a huge step in the right direction for the mobile community. As demand for mobile tablets continues to increase, so will the demand for tablets with higher levels of functionality. Consumers will eventually come to expect this higher level of functionality in their mobile tablets, and while the Surface may not ultimately be the answer to that demand, Microsoft has made a huge statement.

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