Failed to get SPGroupName from GroupID. Error Message: Group cannot be found.

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I had a client getting the following error message:

An error has occurred in {Workflow Name}.

When I looked in the ULS logs I found the following message.

Failed to get SPGroupName from GroupID. Error Message: Group cannot be found.  Callstack:
at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGroupCollection.GetByID(Int32 id)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.PeopleEditor.set_SharePointGroupID(Int32 value).

After searching for the error and nothing working I opened the Workflow in SharePoint Designer, It turns out that we were using an impersonation step and replacing permissions on the current list item that triggered the workflow and my client had renamed one of the permission levels on the site and apparently SharePoint uses the name string for lookup of the permission level.

We decided to rename the permission level back to the original value and restart the workflows.  Everything worked as expected after the rename.


  • Getting the same error


    Interesting running into you this way. I am getting the exact same error on an InfoPath form that I created. I am not using SharePoint Groups anywhere in the form itself. When the form is opened in Preview mode it opens fine, but once it is published to the SharePoint form library the error appears. I do use a people picker on the form, but even after the form errors out and I click ok the people picker still works. The drop down that pulls from a SharePoint lists does not work however. I think this data connection is the problem, but not sure why.

    Thoughts or ideas?


  • How does one rename a permission level?


  • Same Error with HTTPS only

    I’m having the same error message with infopath forms but it only occurs while connecting via HTTPS. There was a certificates issue but I believed I fixed that, and was very disappointed to find this new error in its place.


  • Same error and will probably fix for others.

    I had a similar issue, but in my case, I had modified the form using InfoPath. It was working for a while, but then it started giving this error.

    These are the steps I used to fix this.
    1. Save a copy of your form on your hard drive.
    2. Go into the Form’s List Settings page.
    3. Under General Settings, click on Form Settings. Select “Use the default SharePoint form” & “Delete the InfoPath Form from the server” & OK.
    4. Make sure you are now able to Edit and Save changes using the default SharePoint form.
    5. If all is ok, go back to the List tab and select to Customize Form.
    6. This will open the blank form with all of the fields. Select All of the content in the form, and delete it.
    7. Open the original form you had saved in the first step. Select all of the content, and copy the design into the new blank form.
    8. The fields in the form will not be bound to the field in the SharePoint list. You can either delete the field and pull in the correct field from the task pane or right click on the field and select to Change Binding…

    Hope this helps.


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