SPTechCon 2012–Tuesday

Karen AdkinsCreating Custom Branded Sites for SP 2010

They like Balsamiq for SP mocks.  They will do an HTML prototype.  They have found this works best for getting feedback from their customers.  75% of the HTML can be re-used in the SP Master Page.

User starter master page.

Make sure HTML version is done XHTML 1.0 Strict

Use a custom folder under Style Library for Master Page assets.

http://bit.ly/Real-World-Branding – cliff notes version of the Custom Branding in SP 2010 Book.  Good way to walk through making a master page.

Look for the blog entry on Packaging a Master Page and Page Layout.

CKS : Dev – download from extension manager in VS 2010 – use for packaging Master Pages

Developing with SharePoint Server 2010 Metadata

Part of the draw to this class was the presenter – Andrew Connell.  We adopted his strategy in our MOSS projects.  The Managed Meta Data does a lot:  (from the slide deck)



Based on the examples, the Taxonomy API is easy to work with.  An example of how it might be used is to create a navigation that is based on a term set.

Helpful Hints and Suggestions:

  • Don’t create metadata term using a feature  (I don’t know why.  I just wrote this down.)
  • Average ECM Application is used for 7 years without an upgrade.  (Filenet, Documentum)
  • LINQ to SP2010 is great
  • Managed metadata columns are automatically created as managed scopes.

Deep Dive Into Content Query Web Part

This was a little disappointing.  Before the conference, I received an email where all the presentations were available on the web. The expectation being that people’s presentations were there.  Through out this presentation, I kept hearing – “this will be a future blog post”.  Well that is great but we are here now!!!

Nothing really new here.  The presenter likes the Conducter web part from Lightening Tools for getting data across site collections.

A UBI (useless bit of information) is that there are 60 available properties and methods on the CQWP.

Make a copy of the ItemXsl and use it as the base for the your new CQWP

More CSS Goodness

Dustin’s recap of the presentation at http://blog.sharepointexperience.com really does a great job summarizing the presentation.  The CSS Specificity chart called  “CSS Specifishity“ is key to understanding how Heather goes about branding a site.   I need to go through this one more time.  I did my own searching on CSS Specificity and think the poker analogy is helping me grasp this.

As with the other branding classes, it seems that there is a lot of change, test, change, test.  Firebug seems to be the tool of choice for working on look and feel.


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