SPTechCon 2012– Monday

Karen AdkinsSide Note: I totally don’t understand why someone would want the autographed copies of tech books.  I understand wanting to consume the content, just don’t  understand why people want the author’s autograph.

Key Note

My take aways from the key note centered on working together as a team by focusing on individual’s strengths.  The presenters mentioned a Gallup site:  http://strengths.gallup.com.

The presentation focused on how much there is to learn about SharePoint and for individuals to try stepping out of their comfort zone.

Leveraging the BI Features in SP 2010

Only wrote one note about this:

Use the BI Center Template.

I’m not sure if this is good or bad.  The presentation deck is available at


Maturing Your Business Processes in SharePoint

There is a website:  http://sharepointmaturity.com/home.aspx.  “The mission of the SharePoint Maturity Model (and this website) is to help you understand and improve the maturity of your SharePoint implementation.”  This kind of maps to the BPM model that Microsoft has.

At the end of day, the higher the level of maturity, the more customization and work for IBS.  At level 300, a 3rd party tool is usually used to implement the workflows.

A couple of good resources for sales info:

BMP and SharePoint – Finding the sweetspot – a Forrester report that is supposedly free.

SP as a Strategic Weapon

SharePoint 2010 Branding for the Masses

I am somewhat subjective here because I have read Randy Drisgill’s blog and have found his information useful.   This was just a general overview of how Randy creates master pages.  They don’t really deal a lot with Foundation, mostly Server.  They did talk about the text layouts available in Foundation and Page Layouts that are a publishing feature.

Randy has a starter master page that is commented that is available on codeplex.

The session sowed how themes can be used.

Recommend putting customized css in Style Library folder.

SP 2010 Integration and Interoperability

This session focused on the BCS.  Notes from this session:

  • The speaker thinks that claims is awesome for providing a way to connect to external data.
  • Don’t use BCS for high level transaction processing.
  • General BCS Limitations
    • No write support for BLOB
    • External List Limitations
      • no workflows
      • no RSS feeds
      • no REST based access
  • Can’t create a site column of type External Data Column.  External Data Column is list bsed.  Not site column.
  • The speaker mentioned that there is some way to expose an exchange calendar in SP????
  • Sites to look at:
    • PracticalIntranet.com
    • SPStandards.com
    • SharePointDiagnostics.com

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