Manually Changing Workflow Associations

Mike BerrymanI had a client who had accidentally created a workflow associated with the wrong list.  The workflow itself was complicated enough that they didn’t want to redo it just to get it to use the correct list, so instead I showed them how to manually change the workflow’s associations.

  1. Open up the site that contains the workflow in sharepoint designer.
  2. Open the ‘All Files’ navigation from the left sidebar.  There should be a Workflows folder
  3. Open the workflow you wish to alter.  There will be 3-4 files shown. (*.xoml, *.xoml.rules, *.xoml.wfconfig.xml, (optionally)*.xsn)
  4. Open the .xoml.wfconfig.xml file.  This file holds configuration values for the workflow
  5. The 3rd line down is the association node.  The first property of the node, ListID, is the sharepoint list id of the association list (note that you can also alter other list ids here as well).  You can change this to the proper list if it is incorrect.  To check a list ID, use a browser to navigate to the site the list should be located in (for example, http://mysite/mysubweb)  and add the following to the end of the URL: “/_layouts/listedit.aspx?list=<LISTID>” where <LISTID> is the value enclosed in quotes from the XML file.  If you need to change the list ID to an existing list, you can get the list ID by navigating to that list and using ribbon to access the list settings.  The list ID will be a part of the URL when on the settings page, after the List= part of the URL.
Note that the list ID will be URL encoded.  You can change it to the format the XML file is expecting by using a text editor to do a find-replace on the following:

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