Codemash Review

Rick HerrmannThis was my 5th year attending Codemash and, like each of the other 4, I came home with a list of things I want to learn more about. The conference was bigger this year, and there were more sessions to choose from in each time slot. In keeping with the spirit of Codemash, I tried to attend a variety of sessions on tools/technologies I was not familiar with including Android development, several javascript libraries, and no- sql databases. There was also a talk by the always entertaining Scott Hanselman on dealing with information overload. Although this was not a technical talk I think it was the best one I attended.

Other things on my TODO list for 2012 include:

· Become a better javascript programmer. As more web functionality is moving to the client side, learning more about javascript is a necessity.

· Learn how to unit test javascript code. I have been unit testing my C# code for years, but TDD with javascript is something I just haven’t gotten around to learning yet.

· Learn to use the BDD testing tools on the .NET side. Ruby on Rails has RSpec which was awesome to work with. There are a few similar tools on the .NET side including MSpec and NSpec that I want to learn.

· There are also a few javascript libraries I would like to try out, including Backbone.js, Knockout.js, and node.js.

· HTML5. There are a lot of things that fall under the umbrella of HTML5 – it’s not just a bunch of new HTML tags. Any new web project will use HTML5 technologies, and I will try and integrate HTML5 into existing projects wherever possible.

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