Hiding the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Buttons via jQuery 3

Scott ZischerkHiding ribbon buttons across your entire site should be done in a feature and a custom actions file, but if you need to hide a button on a single page you can use the following:

This will hide the “Open With Explorer” button in the ribbon in SharePoint 2010.


$(document).ready(function () 
    setTimeout(HideOpenWithExplorerRibbonButton, 10);  

function HideOpenWithExplorerRibbonButton()
    setTimeout(HideOpenWithExplorerRibbonButton, 10);


  1. I used this code to try to hide the ApproveReject button on the ribbon with no success! Any ideas? I have tried a lot, do not want to use code. Trying to use something like this idea if only it would work!


  2. It can be almost impossible to find well-qualified users on this matter however you look like you be aware of exactly what you’re covering!


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