What’s New in Microsoft 365 (November 2020)

As usual, we are still seeing a flood of new features and other announcements as a result of Microsoft’s Ignite Conference. We have done our best to curate a handful of the most interesting or impactful ones. Before we dig in, just another reminder that SharePoint 2010 workflows are no longer functioning as of November 1, 2020 AND Teams will no longer be supporting IE 11 after November 30, 2020.

This month we have a few new things happening in Teams: virtual break out rooms, transfer meetings between devices, and meeting recordings now saving to OneDrive and SharePoint; a couple SharePoint announcements: new required properties for SharePoint pages and personal search query history; and one tidbit for Forms: choose specific users/groups to respond to forms.

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What’s New in Microsoft 365 (October 2020)

In this month’s post we highlight a few of the Microsoft 365 announcements at Ignite along with some nice features coming to Teams and SharePoint in the upcoming month.  We are also going to touch on the Azure AD outage experienced on 9/28 as it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the Microsoft space post-Ignite.

Microsoft Ignite has come and gone, but it will continue to live on at MyIgnite.Microsoft.com in the virtual world so you can always check out what you may have missed.  Usually I’m grabbing the Book of News and tracking the sessions; however, this year I was in the process of moving, so that wasn’t really feasible.  With Ignite being a virtual conference this year I was able to listen and watch the demos from my cell phone during the moving process…technology really can be awesome at times. One of the overarching themes regarding the announcements was the “premium” label being attached to many of the features being announced, which should make for some more interesting licensing/billing conversations in the future for those of us in the Microsoft ecosystem😉.

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What’s New in microsoft 365 (September 2020)

The Microsoft Teams team dropped a lot of great updates this month and at the time of writing this up they have launched 118 feature enhancements/updates in 2020 per the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. You can check out some of the recent ones in the roadmap link but with Microsoft Teams getting so much press we decided to focus our update on SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and the big announcement for everyone regarding Internet Explorer 11 support moving forward that makes almost every developer smile😉. 

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