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  • May 19
    Code First Stored Procedures
    ​I was previously of he impression that SharePoint and Entity Framework were not compatible. However, after checking this out, I will keep it in the back of my mind whenever I'm doing Code First:
  • May 22
    MongoDB for Custom Data Fields
    ​We have an application that contains a mix of relational data and dynamically structured data. All of the data is currently stored in SQL Server, with the dynamic portion of the data models being stored in string columns as json data. If all we needed to do with the non-relational data was to display it on various screens, SQL Server wo...
  • May 12
    How important is the internet to you?
    ​If I told you I was going to take it away from you, would you literally give me your middle finger? If so, you might not be alone... ...
  • May 15
    The problem with Apps for SharePoint 2013
    ​Apps for SharePoint 2013 were a nifty thing when they were first announced and sounded interesting in concept, but now that I've looked into them I find myself asking "Why?" for a majority of my day-to-day situations.  Most of my SharePoint-related tasks usually involve working with on premise SharePoint farms, so I tend to be work...
  • May 08
    Alternate way to Add a Slick Angular CSV Download Link
    ​This is a follow-up to AJ Keresztes post earlier this week, Add a Slick Angular CSV Download Link. Check it out before going on...   AJ's code works fine.  The only issue I had was creating the ‘csvData’ object.    I created the following object, and it simplified things:    var obj...
  • May 06
    Add a Slick Angular CSV Download Link
    Just thought I’d share this bit of code.  It allows an angular client app to create a csv file which can be used in a downloadable link that gets created on-the-fly, which the browser sees as an attachment:   // Create a downloadable link and click it.$scope.SubmitFileToUser = function (csvData) {    var elem...
  • May 01
    Getting Started with Meteor
    **This post was written by Rick Berryman of the IBS Solutions Group** ​I have been learning Meteor, and have found some great resources for getting set up. This is the official meteor tutorial, it’ll get you started with how to use Meteor. However there are a few things missing. The most important thing, I feel, is if you want to pass a paramete...
  • April 29
    Working With git - Fixing Common Commit Mistakes
    ​We've all done it - committed code too soon, made a typo in a commit message, or left code in that was added for debugging.  Here’s how to fix these types of mistakes using git. 1.) “These commit messages would read better if I could type…” Let's say you have just committed your code.  You then check the git log and ...
  • April 23
    SharePoint 2013 RTM Managed Navigation Custom Sort Quandary
    ​ Recently I was tasked with creating a Responsive SharePoint 2013 site for a client using Managed Navigation.  Being that I had already used Responsive SharePoint in the past with some heavy “tweaking” (probably not the right word here as I basically just hacked it to pieces, but I digress) I knew that this would be a walk in the park. I put...
  • April 13
    SQL Server Trick: Where in the World is That Data Coming From?
    Do you ever have a situation where you see data from a database, but have no clue which table or field it is coming from? Wait no longer.... Here is a script you can use that will tell you in a given database, what table and field contains that information.   For example, ​to find all occurances of 'Hello' in your data:  EXEC test.db...
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