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  • October 29
    # Cacheing Angular Services
    ​ A coworker asked me the best way for him to cache the results of his angular service. Not knowing the answer, we went to the documentation and discovered `$cacheFactory`. This factory will allow you to build a `Cache` object to cache data. However, I discovered two glaring flaws with this: Using it by itself requires you to manuall...
  • October 22
    Working with Git - Cherry Picking Commits
    Cherry-Picking The perfectly named git cherry-pick command is similar to git merge in that you can copy commits from a different branch into your current branch.  However, where merging will copy all of the commits from the other branch, cherry-pick is useful when you only want to copy specific commits into your branch. The simplest use ...
  • October 01
    21 Essential (sort of) JavaScript Interview Questions
    I was recently challenged to spend an hour going through the javascript questions/answers on this link Javascript Questions to determine whether or not these so-called “21 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions” really are essential. I’m mixed about these questions.  Many of these are good evaluators for some core JavaScript ...
  • October 13
    index.html commit hell
    ​ One of the issues we face when dealing with angular apps is the number of jsfiles that need to be included in the index.html. Especially when you are working on a large project, the number of js files can reach over 100. In order to combat that, and make things easier for developer, tools like wiredep and gulp-...
  • October 07
    Mobile Monday Presentation | Dominoes AnyWare
    ​On Monday I attended a presentation on the Domino’s AnyWare application. Culture A large portion of the talk from Domino’s was about their working culture. They utilize agile and scrum processes, with stand ups and sprints. Their development is very open, with 200+ employees on their dev team, which handles ALL of t...
  • September 24
    SharePoint 2010 Scrolling error in Safari
    ​As we continue to get more Mac and Safari browser users, we've run across a scrolling problem in Safari that we used the following blog post to resolve: Yes, this is one of ‘those’ posts, about how to fix/workaround the issue of SharePoint having the Body set to scroll=”no” causing issues with scrolling. As a recap for those unfamil...
  • September 17
    Simplify Asynchronous Calls in .NET
    ​Since .Net 4.5, the async/await pattern has been a great tool to simplify asynchronous calls.  However, in WPF I frequently need to make async calls from a non-async function or event.  Often, this happens because I'm overriding a virtual function in an inherited class of a framework I'm using and that function is synchronous.  To ...
  • September 08
    Versioning Your Angular Application with Gulp
    ​A current AngularJS application I am working on has a requirement to show the application version number on the login page.  I wanted to find a solution that would both update the version number automatically and also store the version number in a way that the Angular application could reference to display on the UI.  Since we are alre...
  • August 26
    Working with git - The git-bisect Command
    ​git-bisect is very cool.   If you have ever had a situation where a commit was made that had a bug - but you are not sure which commit it is - then git bisect is the tool you need.  To use git-bisect, you need to know a good commit and a bad commit.  It does not matter how recent the good commit is - as long as it is free of t...
  • September 03
    Spacial Data in SQL Server
    ​It’s not very often which you deal with spacial data in SQL. In fact, I find it to be a very rare occurrence, but when it does happen, it’s nice to know that there are two libraries for it. geometry which is for Euclidean Geometry, and geography which uses lat/long, and takes into account the curvature of the ea...
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