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  • August 26
    Working with git - The git-bisect Command
    ​git-bisect is very cool.   If you have ever had a situation where a commit was made that had a bug - but you are not sure which commit it is - then git bisect is the tool you need.  To use git-bisect, you need to know a good commit and a bad commit.  It does not matter how recent the good commit is - as long as it is free of t...
  • September 03
    Spacial Data in SQL Server
    ​It’s not very often which you deal with spacial data in SQL. In fact, I find it to be a very rare occurrence, but when it does happen, it’s nice to know that there are two libraries for it. geometry which is for Euclidean Geometry, and geography which uses lat/long, and takes into account the curvature of the ea...
  • August 21
    HostId is not registered SharePoint 2013 User Profile Service
    ​When configuring the User Profile Service for a client I was unable to the start the User Profile Synchronization Service on the application server.  The service would stay in the “Starting” state for 10 minutes and eventually return to a “Stopped” state.  Being that I have done this configuration 1,000 plus times (wish I was exaggerati...
  • August 14
    Working with git - Ignoring Merge Conflicts For a File
    ​An issue I had to solve recently with git was how to ignore merge-conflicts for a single file in a repository.  The application is an AngularJS application, and as is common with a Single Page Application (SPA) there is a single index.html file that is the starting point of the app.  As part of the client-side build tooling, we are...
  • August 07
    Microsoft Exchange Cutover Migration Domain Issue
    ​We recently performed a mock cutover migration for a client from Exchange 2007 to Exchange Online and ran across a very odd issue.  Following the guidelines regarding cutover migrations on TechNet we had configured OWA and verified remote connectivity. When we went to verify the domain it let the client go through the process annotated in th...
  • July 30
    Developer Challenge 2015!
    ​It's almost August, but summer is far from over... What better way to head into the home stretch than with a cool new gadget? You've got a chance to win one of the great prizes above, plus  a bunch more by playing the IBS Developer Challenge! We put together five puzzles designed to test your skills and technical knowhow. Do you have what it...
  • July 22
    Compatibility Switches
    ​ In the new version of .NET (version 4.6), Microsoft came out withAppContext. This little class has two methods: SetSwitch andTryGetSwitch.   The idea behind these two methods is to allow op-out functionality of new features. If for example, you want to change the format of the logs your library creates. You can have a switch ...
  • July 09
    Bringing an External REST Feed into a Meteor Project
      ​   This week with Meteor we attempted to bring in an external REST feed into the project. We were looking to bring the CodeMash session feed into the application. In order to do this, we needed to use import a Meteor package. We decided to use the http ( ) package to do this since it was referen...
  • July 02
    A Tutorial in Meteor
    ​As I have been learning Meteor, I have found some great resources for the initial set up. This is the official meteor tutorial – it’ll get you started with how to use Meteor. However there are a few things missing. Unfortunately, this tutorial does not show you how to pass a parameter through a helper, which is incredibly important. The...
  • June 30
    Dynamic Code in C#
    co-authored by Joseph Dotson​   We are working on a project where the data access methodology for the application was defined and provided by the client.  While this approach accomplishes the tasks of accessing data in SQL Server we found that we were duplicating code making small changes to new files but largely repeating code to access...
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