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  • March 24
    Javascript Bug in Mozilla Firefox
    ​I recently ran into an issue with a javascript element appearing incorrectly in Firefox. If you don’t know, in javascript you’re able to define a function after the line number that you actually call it in the code. This is possible because the browser (whichever that browser may be) will parse through the javascript before running any of it. Thi...
  • March 20
    Google Play's New Global Content Rating System
    Earlier this week, Google added a couple updates to the Google Play store in an effort to create a better user experience - a content rating system, and a better app review process. These updates have been long-awaited, and add a great deal of value to the Android brand. I'm most interested in the content rating system, which allows dev...
  • March 13
    Monster Hunter Game Probability Using Linqpad
    I was playing Monster Hunter, and was trying to get a particular item for killing a monster - specifically a number of Rathian Spikes. There are 5 chances to get the item per kill - three of which have a drop chance of 5% and the other two with a 7% drop chance. I was wondering what the actual probability per kill would be...
  • March 06
    Stories of the Past and Future
    ​A little bit of fun for your Friday, check out this cool infographic done by Randall Monroe at detailing the release dates of popular stories in literature, television and flim in realation to how far in the past/future the stories take place! ...
  • March 02
    Utilize flowjs as an Angular Directive
    ​I've been working on an angular project that has a requirement to allow users to upload documents, pictures and videos to the site.  As a part of the upload process, after the user has selected their file, but before it's actually uploaded to the server, the user needs to supply some metadata about the file.  Being a responsive, highly ...
  • February 20
    Chaining Calls in Linqpad
    ​One the great benefits of Linqpad is the ability to iterate through a problem, taking things one step at a time through the use of chaining calls. The below query is one such example. The problem is to get a list of the best sales people per year. The database used is the adventureworks sample database. I set the connection in Linqpad to no...
  • February 13
    Codeformatter for .NET is Released on GitHub
    ​Earlier this week, codeformatter (part of the Roslyn proect), an automatic code formatter for .NET was released to GitHub. Code formatting can be so tedious and painful, and this new formatter really simplifies the process. Check out Microsoft's blog post on the release....
  • February 05
    The Cloud Should Not Kill On-Premises SharePoint
    Over the past year or so there was a lot of talk about SharePoint being a “dying platform” based on the fact that Microsoft was really pushing cloud-first and mobile strategies.  After reading Benjamin Niaulin’s blog post in response to Julia White’s blogpost on the release of SharePoint Server 2016 I have to say that I concur with many of hi...
  • January 30
    Outlook Comes to iOS & Android
    ​The Nadella era of Microsoft continues to be a more realistic and inclusive one than that of Ballmer, as a version of their popular Outlook program becomes available on both iOS and Android devices. As Android and Apple devices continue to grow in popularity, Satya Nadella's approach is proving to be a much more flexible than that of Steve Ballme...
  • January 26
    10 “Watch Window” Tips for debugging with Visual Studio
    Working in Visual Studio, I came across this great list of tips for the Watch Window. There's a lot of other great .NET tips over at Abhijit's World of .NET! Some of the top tips include: How to Move Values between multiple Watch Windows​ How to Create an Object ID How to Change the Type of Display Format How to View Pseudo-Vari...
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