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 Blogs from the realm of Nerdia


  • May 01
    Getting Started with Meteor
    **This post was written by Rick Berryman of the IBS Solutions Group** ​I have been learning Meteor, and have found some great resources for getting set up. This is the official meteor tutorial, it’ll get you started with how to use Meteor. However there are a few things missing. The most important thing, I feel, is if you want to pass a paramete...
  • April 29
    Working With git - Fixing Common Commit Mistakes
    ​We've all done it - committed code too soon, made a typo in a commit message, or left code in that was added for debugging.  Here’s how to fix these types of mistakes using git. 1.) “These commit messages would read better if I could type…” Let's say you have just committed your code.  You then check the git log and ...
  • April 23
    SharePoint 2013 RTM Managed Navigation Custom Sort Quandary
    ​ Recently I was tasked with creating a Responsive SharePoint 2013 site for a client using Managed Navigation.  Being that I had already used Responsive SharePoint in the past with some heavy “tweaking” (probably not the right word here as I basically just hacked it to pieces, but I digress) I knew that this would be a walk in the park. I put...
  • April 13
    SQL Server Trick: Where in the World is That Data Coming From?
    Do you ever have a situation where you see data from a database, but have no clue which table or field it is coming from? Wait no longer.... Here is a script you can use that will tell you in a given database, what table and field contains that information.   For example, ​to find all occurances of 'Hello' in your data:  EXEC test.db...
  • April 13
    Getting Stressed Out at Work, and Pulling Your Few Hairs Out?
      That might actually be good for your scalp. ... New Hair Loss Treatment Unveiled by dr Cheng-Ming Chuong Professor of pathology Pulling out lingering follicles could stimulate the scalp into a burst of regeneration, scientists have found   April 10, 2015 /MarketersMedia/ — For people with thinning hair the idea of plucking out the...
  • April 09
    Simplifying git Commands with Aliases
    Whether you are a git beginner, or an experienced user that is comfortable with more advanced commands, there are a few basic commands that you will find yourself typing over and over again.  In my experience the most often used git functions are: status, checkout, commit, and branch.  Here's an example: To help save keystrokes a...
  • April 03
    PhoneGap: Making Cross-Platform Mobile Development Easier for Everyone!
    Are you interested in PhoneGap? If so, you're definitely going to want to check out the presentation I posted over on GitHub. It's called PhoneGap: Making Cross-Platform Mobile Development Easier for Everyone!   In the overview, I cover: How easy PhoneGap is to use When you should use PhoneGap When you should not use PhoneGap PhoneGap...
  • March 24
    Javascript Bug in Mozilla Firefox
    ​I recently ran into an issue with a javascript element appearing incorrectly in Firefox. If you don’t know, in javascript you’re able to define a function after the line number that you actually call it in the code. This is possible because the browser (whichever that browser may be) will parse through the javascript before running any of it. Thi...
  • March 20
    Google Play's New Global Content Rating System
    Earlier this week, Google added a couple updates to the Google Play store in an effort to create a better user experience - a content rating system, and a better app review process. These updates have been long-awaited, and add a great deal of value to the Android brand. I'm most interested in the content rating system, which allows dev...
  • March 13
    Monster Hunter Game Probability Using Linqpad
    I was playing Monster Hunter, and was trying to get a particular item for killing a monster - specifically a number of Rathian Spikes. There are 5 chances to get the item per kill - three of which have a drop chance of 5% and the other two with a 7% drop chance. I was wondering what the actual probability per kill would be...
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