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  • December 11
    SharePoint User Adoption
    ​I am attending the SharePoint Fest Chicago this week, and will be sharing my thoughts on some of the sessions I attend throughout the week. In a rather interesting take on user adoption, Sarah Haase provided two admittedly not-so-simple keys to success: manipulation and motivation.  This session was quite thought-provoking as many of the...
  • December 09
    SharePoint Fest 2014: Visualization Tools and Innovation Games
    ​I am attending the SharePoint Fest Chicago this week, and will be sharing my thoughts on some of the sessions I attend throughout the week. My first session of the SharePoint Fest Chicago was Visual Tools and Innovation Games presented by Ruven Gotz and Michelle Caldwell. While I felt a bit alone based on my skillset, I thoroughly enjoyed it....
  • December 05
    The Art of Video Games at Flint Institute of Art
    ​There is a really cool exhibit going on right now at the Flint Institute of Art called The Art of Video Games. Running from the middle of October until January 18th, it details the unique combination of artistic and technical skills that go into the creation and development of video games in the modern era (I'm hoping for a huge LeapMot...
  • November 19
    ​RESTful Web Service Authentication Changes
    I was trying to alter the authentication schema being used by one of our mobile apps.  This app communicates via REST web service calls to the server over a secure connection, so we were initially passing username/password as plaintext to the server for authentication with no issues. Every call to the web services re-authenticated the us...
  • November 12
    AngularJS 2.0 Reactions
    ​Have you heard the news? Angular 2.0 is on it’s way, and it’s really shaking things up. Not only is 2.0 going to be a complete departure from Angular 1.3, they’re discontinuing 1.3 within 24 months of the 2.0 release, and there will be no upgrade path from 1.3 to 2.0. The community is having some very strong reactions - from absolute condemnation...
  • November 06
    750 Open Source Icons from Google
    ​As a part of their Material Design project, Google Design has released 750 open source icons to use for app development, which can come in especially handy for common actions when creating iOS and Android apps. You can download the icons here. The icons include actions: Images: Devices: well as several others. To lea...
  • October 30
    Accessing SharePoint Data with External AngularJS Application
    ​With the rise of cloud and mobile technology, people expect fast, uninhibited access to data regardless of where they are, what device they’re using, what browser they’re using, or how the data is being stored. SharePoint is a widely popular platform for businesses to utilize for data storage, and access to that data can sometimes be a problem on...
  • October 21
    TechSmith Recording Programs - Which is Best for Screen Recording?
    This post was written by IBS Developer Rick Berryman   ​I wanted to create a tutorial for an online software program, but I wasn’t sure what screen recording software package to use. I tested out three TechSmith screen recording products to see which would work best for me. Here are the results: Camtasia I downloaded the free tutoria...
  • October 10
    Fix for Footer Shift in jQuery Mobile Toolbar
    ​I was using the jQuery Mobile toolbar widget for iOS to create a tablet log-in page. I was using the “always show” feature of the jQuery toolbar in order to keep it locked in place on the screen (which makes the header and footer visible no matter where I scroll on the page). When opening and closing the keyboard, the headers and footers kept sh...
  • October 06
    Improve Your Resume - Avoid These Mistakes
    ​​Have you ever submitted your resume for a job with requirements that your skillset matched to a T, only to find out the company decided to go with someone else? In a competitive market, even the slightest hiccup in your resume can be the difference between landing that new job and continuing the search. Here are a few small, but important, mista...
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