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 Blogs from the realm of Nerdia


  • July 22
    Compatibility Switches
    ​ In the new version of .NET (version 4.6), Microsoft came out withAppContext. This little class has two methods: SetSwitch andTryGetSwitch.   The idea behind these two methods is to allow op-out functionality of new features. If for example, you want to change the format of the logs your library creates. You can have a switch ...
  • July 09
    Bringing an External REST Feed into a Meteor Project
      ​   This week with Meteor we attempted to bring in an external REST feed into the project. We were looking to bring the CodeMash session feed into the application. In order to do this, we needed to use import a Meteor package. We decided to use the http ( ) package to do this since it was referen...
  • July 02
    A Tutorial in Meteor
    ​As I have been learning Meteor, I have found some great resources for the initial set up. This is the official meteor tutorial – it’ll get you started with how to use Meteor. However there are a few things missing. Unfortunately, this tutorial does not show you how to pass a parameter through a helper, which is incredibly important. The...
  • June 30
    Dynamic Code in C#
    co-authored by Joseph Dotson​   We are working on a project where the data access methodology for the application was defined and provided by the client.  While this approach accomplishes the tasks of accessing data in SQL Server we found that we were duplicating code making small changes to new files but largely repeating code to access...
  • June 26
    Choosing an Angular Report Builder
    ​ ​I was recently given the task of providing a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for a client to produce a report of a selection of their data. The data management system was written in Angular so I needed the WYSIWYG editor to fit into the angular framework. Beyond the basic expectations of a WYSIWYG editor, we needed it to accomplis...
  • June 16
    Meteor App for CodeMash Staff
     We are currently working on an application in meteor.js for CodeMash. The purpose of this application is to provide all members of the CodeMash crew (including staff, volunteers, admin, speakers, etc.) a way to stay in communication about CodeMash related information. The application will automatically create a list of the 40 users, giv...
  • June 17
    Working with git - How to Restore a Deleted File
    ​The scenario: You deleted a file and now you realize you still need it.  So what do we do?  Here are the steps to get back a file that was deleted several commits in the past. Find the commit that the file was deleted in Checkout the version of the deleted file from the commit just before it was deleted.  On other words, t...
  • June 12
    Ridin with Aydin to Beat Diabetes
    Greetings Folks! This post is a little different from my usual... I've been a Software Developer and Architect for over 30 years. Most of that time has been spent sitting behind a desk, not watching what I eat, and getting little exercise.I'm way out-of-shape, overweight, hypertensive, have high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, and now my "rece...
  • June 03
    Did You Know? The Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire
    The Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire is going on this Saturday June 6th. If you're not familiar, it's a really cool event in Ann Arbor, Michigan that demonstrates and celebrates inventiveness. It's a smaller, community-scale version of the Maker Faires of Detroit, San Francisco, and New York. It's a great local source of in...
  • June 05
    Weather APIs - Which One is Best?
    We recently had a client that wanted to display weather data alongside data from store sales for marketing purposes. The requirements were actually pretty simple: they wanted to show the overall conditions, and high and low temperatures for the day. The critical piece was they wanted this information both in real time and for an...
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